Ten Ways to Make Myanmar’s Tax Environment More Attractive for Foreign Investment Without Losing Any Tax Revenue


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The slogan of the Dutch tax authorities is “We can’t make it more fun, but we can certainly make it easier”. A fair, easy, predictable and efficient tax system is an important factor in attracting foreign investment.


  • Speed up the signing of double taxation agreements
  • Prioritize implementing advance tax rulings for investors so that their tax treatment is predictable
  • Accelerate wrapping up tax audits and assessments
  • Create a favourable tax treatment for expatriate employees
  • Paying taxes could be made easier with a few simple measures
  • Grant a 5 year moratorium on withholding tax for all loans used for new investment
  • The IRD needs to hold more public seminars and speed up publishing a tax manual and practice notes
  • Stamp Duty should be replaced by an updated and modern registration fee
  • Stop denying losses and “expenses not commensurate with the volume of business”
  • Base the Specific Special Goods Tax on production value instead of retail price
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