Second chance to re-register your company before being struck off the registry


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According to the recent Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (“DICA”) announcement issued on 8th March 2019, companies who missed the 31 January deadline now have until March 30 to re-register.

However, any companies who fail to re-register by this new deadline will be struck off from the registry, and will not be able to carry on business in Myanmar.

As per the Myanmar Companies Regulations 2018, “carrying on business” means any form of administration, management or otherwise dealing with property situated in Myanmar as an agent or legal representative. This includes exercising shareholders rights in other companies in Myanmar, including voting on shareholders meetings.

Registrations will need to be made in person.

Khin Sandar Win

My Le
Regulatory Team
VDB Loi, Myanmar

My Le is a Senior Manager in our Regulatory team. She has taken the lead on dozens of MIC permitting projects in telecoms, energy, transport, manufacturing, real estate, and other sectors. She is also an accomplished tax adviser.

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