Myanmar Dramatically Cuts List of 92 Activities Requiring a Local Partner Down to 22


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In a move to expand the potential opportunities for foreign investors, the list of activities a foreign investor is allowed to carry out in Myanmar only under a joint venture (“JV”) with a Myanmar citizen or company, has been cut significantly.

Highlights of this note

  • Big Winners are Retail, Petroleum Products, Real Estate, Media and Healthcare
  • Myanmar Opens Up for Big Retail. Again.
  • Real Estate: No More JV for Commercial or Office Developments
  • No More JV with MOEE for Petroleum Product Businesses
  • Pharma and Healthcare: No More JV Needed for Clinics
  • Foreign Investment in Print and Broadcasting Media without JV
  • Manufacturing: Packaging and Pharma No More JV, But Cosmetics and Soaps Now Needs JV
  • Agriculture: Cap of 49% on Foreigners for Certain Activity Removed
  • New Use of Industrial Sector Classifications: How to Interpret?
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