Japanese investors try to catch up in Myanmar energy investments


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Despite their high profile presence in Myanmar, there are relatively few Japanese invested energy projects slated as a priority project in Myanmar. For example, the four recently announced LNG/Gas to Power projects which received approval from the Government have no Japanese investors at this stage. This was one of the issues discussed at a recent conference in Tokyo.

On February 20 2018, Edwin Vanderbruggen (VDB Loi) briefed a group of approximately 200 representatives from Japanese biz community on new development in energy and infrastructure in Myanmar. The event was supported both by Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI) and Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and took place at JBICS Tokyo office.

Edwin explained the Government’s priority infrastructure projects list, the new MOEE/IFC hydropower PPA template, fuel terminals on Myanmar Port Authority Land, Myanmar shipping and port regulations affecting FSU’s and FSRUs. He also provided updates on sovereign guarantees, Myanmar PPA Tariff, outlook for new TX and gas pipeline projects. During the conference, Edwin shed light on the approval process for pipeline and storage construction, and also covered updates on Construction Projects in Myanmar, Land transportation infrastructure, and the new structure of mixed use real estate development projects post Condo Law.

During the presentation, Edwin emphasized the increasing importance of hydropower plants, solar energy, and midstream and downstream oil and gas in Myanmar. The Asian country is moving forward in leaps and bounds developing numerous projects in energy and infrastructure, offering extremely valuable opportunities to investors in these sectors.

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