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Regulatory & Licensing Guidelines for Satellite Operators in Bangladesh

April 18, 2022

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (“BTRC”) has issued a new licensing regulation named “Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation (Licensing) 2022” (The Regulation) whereby service providers are able to obtain a license for providing various telecommunication-related services. The BTRC shall provide licenses to service providers through tenders and open allocations.

The Regulation replaces the old regulation issued in 2004, and states that a total of eight telecommunication services will be able to obtain licenses from the BTRC through open application; these include internet services, V-SAT services, radio communication, amateur radio, internet protocol telephony service, telecommunication transmission services, national internet exchange services, and vehicle tracking services.

The Regulation also categorizes 12 services that will be able to obtain a license from the BTRC through a tender process; these services include cellular mobile telecommunication services, mobile number portability services, tower sharing license services, submarine cables, international terrestrial cable services, broadband wireless access services, voice over internet protocol services, satellite services, international gateway services, international internet gateway services, interconnection exchange services, and public-switched telephone network services.

The BTRC has stipulated the prescribed forms and rules for license application for tender processes as well as committee formation for scrutiny of applications, processes, and issuing and renewing licenses.

In addition, according to schedule V of the Regulation, the BTRC will issue registration certificates in favor of call centers, telecommunication value-added services, application to person SMS services, mobile number portability, tower sharing license services, etc.

This Regulation is aimed at promoting the provision of advanced services and cutting-edge technology, and for service providers to be able to provide more user-friendly services to their customers.

Source: Post and Telecommunication control division, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, Ministry of Post, telecommunication and ICT, Bangladesh, SRO No- 07 of 2022, dated 16 March 2022 on “Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation (Licensing) 2022.”