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Cambodia harbors enormous agricultural potential. Much of the country is well-suited for growing rice, while rubber and cassava plantations are expanding rapidly in the country’s north and east. The growing interest in Kampot pepper opens new horizons for the agricultural sector. The Tonle Sap and greater Mekong is one of the world’s richest fisheries and the climate is well suited to biofuels. Yet Cambodia’s agricultural potential remains largely unexplored. Investors are eager to enter this market, but it remains beset by price fluctuations, variable input costs and potential natural disasters.

With the lack of infrastructure supporting agriculture, these risks can be multiplied, so you need an advisor that can offer full support across all aspects of your business.

VDB Loi works with leading agriculture conglomerates, innovative project developers and specialized producers throughout the region. We provide value with our steady support, specific expertise and innovative approach to your business.

We tailor our advice to our clients’ needs, considering their short, medium and long-term goals.  Whether the goal is expansion, or even double-bottom-line investments, VDB Loi has the experience and local knowledge to serve you.

We have worked with fish farms, rubber plantations and integrated biofuel power production plants. We even assist boutique growers capitalizing on geographic indicator designations and specialty projects.

With expertise throughout the supply chain, VDB Loi provides value at all steps of the process. We have helped investors bring groundbreaking technology into markets for the very first time, but have also assisted well-established clients develop reliable supply infrastructure.

Agriculture is a long-term investment, and VDB Loi is here for the long haul. If you are looking to structure an investment that lasts, we want to hear from you.

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