Myanmar LNG Project Update: Observations on the World Bank’s Workshop of 10 November 2016


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Myanmar’s big LNG deal is slowly taking shape. The World Bank organized a workshop in Nay Pyi Taw to report on the outcome of a pre-feasibility. Here in our analysis.

Highlights of this note

  • Workshop organized as approximately 100 Expressions of Interest were received
  • This is a big, big deal
  • And a complex deal
  • No long term LNG contracts to purchase LNG?
  • They seem focused on an FSRU, for now
  • Possible sites for the FSRU
  • It’s all about the pipeline
  • How about the schedule for the Project?
  • How about the schedule for the Project?
  • When can we expect the Request for Proposal?
  • What about the integrated power angle?
  • Some key Myanmar issues to consider
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