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The banking and finance sector is one of the success stories of Cambodia, a country which in essence came out of the recent civil war with empty hands. Cambodia’s economy has been experiencing significant growth for more than a decade, particularly the banking and finance sector.

For 2014, international financial institutions and the Cambodian government forecast that Cambodia’s GDP growth would be around 7.2%. The banking and finance sector is a key contributor to this growth by allowing international and domestic businesses access to funds.

The private sector and Cambodian regulators also have a strong focus on preparing Cambodia’s banking and finance sector for Cambodia’s integration into the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015. Cambodia has participated in a number of ASEAN initiatives, including the ASEAN financial liberalization initiative, capital account liberalization, as well as capital market development.

In a legal context, Cambodia’s financial regulations are particularly strong and transparent when compared to other sectors of the economy. However,  access to financing remains a challenge, and complex, cross-border financings are increasingly the norm. VDB Loi has the experience and insight to help you navigate this high-growth market.

VDB Loi professionals have helped to shape the banking and finance laws in Cambodia. Therefore we are often engaged by leading international law firms to assist their clients entering this market.

We advise on all aspects of cross-border and domestic financing across a broad range of industries, both for those wanting to enter the market or expand their market share.

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