Client Alert: Water supply project opportunity in Myanmar


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One of Myanmar’s larger cities plans to implement a water supply project serving approximately 150,000 residents. Based on a feasibility study which was carried out, the project would have to comprise several treatment facilities and more than a dozen elevated tanks. The necessary land for each one of the facilities has been earmarked by the local Government.

The city plans to tender the project within the next several months once the structure has been determined.

The project would possibly be structured as a PPP or BOT project. This would include a locally incorporated project company being grated the concession, building, financing and operating the facilities, and transferring these at the end of the contract term. The tariff has to be negotiated on a competitive basis.

It is however also possible that the project would be implemented as an ODA project with a foreign loan. In that case the tender would focus on finding competitive design-build offers.

For more information you may contact Edwin Vanderbruggen, senior partner of VDB Loi in Yangon, Myanmar.

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