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VDB Loi listed as leading tax firm in Vietnam

November 9, 2012

World Tax and International Tax Review have named VDB Loi as one of Vietnam’s leading tax firms, listed in the same tier as global brands Baker McKenzie and Ernst and Young.

The firm, even though barely 6 months old, received glowing reviews from editors and clients:

“Less than a year old, VDB Loi has the potential to become a leading firm for tax services in Vietnam. Founders Edwin Vanderbruggen and Jean Loi who both come from DFDL, have recruited a strong and knowledgeable team from various prestigious tax firms. VDB Loi has opened offices in Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore and plans to expand to Laos soon. Its model is to establish itself as a one-stop tax and legal service for clients.

Many loyal clients have followed Vanderbruggen and Loi to the new firm, a sign of their tax expertise and ability to satisfy clients by solving their tax queries. One client said: “I’m impressed with the depth of Edwin’s knowledge, he has a good grasp of looking into taxes of Vietnam and is able to cite practical examples where tax authority rulings on certain things are not made clear”. Another notes: “Edwin offers more interesting structures and ideas”.

Vanderbruggen and associates advised JSM Indochina in one of the largest post-crisis real estate transactions in Vietnam. The team was able to advise on the different tax implications of structuring options through their understanding of the legal constraints on foreign ownership of property and investment licensing”.

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