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Mandatory Online Tax Payments in Myanmar

Mandatory Online Tax Payments in Myanmar

June 29, 2021

The Internal Revenue Department (“IRD”) has been implementing an online tax payment system since 2018; all taxpayers can process online tax payments using a Tax Identification Number (“TIN”), which is the same as a Company Registration Number with nine digits.

There are three advance tax payment options accepted by the IRD – (i) tax payments using an electronic payment method (known as CBM Net), (ii) making use of the mobile banking system, and (iii) using an MPU corporate debit card with the respective bank. The registration is required to be submitted to the respective IRD office for taxpayers in order to process tax payments through CBM Net or by using the MPU corporate debit card.

The IRD has published in state-owned newspapers and announced in state-owned news channels that taxpayers must process all types of taxes and levies, including monthly payments of Commercial Tax, Specific Goods Tax, Personal Income Tax (PAYE), and Withholding Tax as well as quarterly payments of Corporate Income Tax, by using the online tax payment system instead cash payment or cheque payment starting from 1 July 2021; however, cheques of taxpayers with bank accounts at the Myanmar Economic Bank (“MEB”) will still be accepted.

The online tax payment system is aimed at avoiding over-the-counter payment procedures, particularly throughout the current banking situation in Myanmar.


Nway is a tax manager in our tax team with experience in accounting and consulting for international enterprises in Myanmar. She holds a Diploma in Accounting and Business from ACCA and a Diploma in Accounting from LCCI.

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