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Myanmar: Year-end Tax Workshop

Breakfast Briefing

All taxpayers should now be in the process of planning their year-end annual tax filings for the 2018–2019 financial year (“FY“).

Corporate Income Tax (“CIT“), Commercial Tax (“CT“), and Specific Goods Tax (“SGT“) must be paid to the Internal Revenue Department (“IRD“) by 10 April 2019 for FY2018–19. In addition, Personal Income Tax (“PIT“) and Withholding Tax (“WHT“) must be paid to the IRD by 31 March 2019, and Capital Gains Tax (“CGT“) must be paid to the IRD within 30 days from the date of sale, exchange, or transfer of any capital assets.

The annual CIT, CT, PIT, and CGT returns are required to be submitted to the IRD within three months after the end of FY2018–19 (i.e., by 30 June 2019). It should be noted that there is a 10% late-payment penalty to be applied on the total underpaid tax amount of the income year should payments be made after the above-mentioned deadlines; there is also a late-filing penalty of 10% on the annual payable tax amount, if annual tax returns are not submitted by the aforementioned annual tax return filing deadline.

In this practical and hands-on workshop, VDB Loi will be discussing and guiding you on how to prepare for the upcoming year-end tax returns and filings. Importantly, the key issues usually looked at by the IRD during the tax assessment process, as well as various case studies, will also be discussed. Upon attending this workshop, you will be able to accurately calculate your tax position and successfully prepare your tax returns.


  • What is your CIT position and how to prepare tax returns under the Self-Assessment System (“SAS“) vs the Official Assessment System (“OAS“)?
  • What are the deductible expenses for CIT calculation?
  • CT offset mechanism – whether it is accrual or cash basis
  • Is it necessary to prepare a separate annual return for CGT?
  • Have you filed all of your quarterly SGT returns? Any penalty on late SGT payment and/or the return filing?
  • Abolishment of WHT during FY2018–19: are there any impacts on our annual tax returns and tax audits?
  • What are the main items the IRD looks at during the assessment process?
TimeMyanmar: Year-end Tax Workshop
18.30am – 9.00amRegistration and coffee
29.00am – 10.00amCIT calculation
– How to calculate your annual CIT position
– Have you considered tax adjustments in your calculation, including deductibility of expenses?
– How to prepare your annual CIT return forms under SAS vs OAS
– Case study
CT offset
– What is your annual CT position?
– Have you offset your input and output CT correctly throughout the year?
– Can we carry forward unutilized input CT in manufacturing and trading activities?
– How to prepare your annual CT return forms under SAS vs OAS
– Case study
Are we required to prepare a separate annual CGT return?
310.00am – 10.10amNetworking break
410.10am – 11:30amSGT return filing
– Is it required to prepare a quarterly SGT return? Any failure in submitting quarterly SGT return; what is the penalty?
– How to offset input SGT against output SGT
– What are the forms required for offset of SGT?
– Case study
Tax audit
– Have you received your assessment note?
– Different procedures under SAS vs OAS
– Abolishment of WHT: any impacts for this significant change during the year?
– What are the main items that IRD officers look at during the tax assessment?
511.30am – 12.00pmQ&A


Jean Loi
Managing Partner

Jean is one of the region’s most experienced tax and regulatory specialists with more than 12 years of experience in Indochina, Myanmar and Singapore. She has advised on a large number of project transactions and tax disputes in the specialties of structuring, power plant projects and oil & gas. As the managing partner of VDB Loi, Jean has extensive experience with projects related to the market entries of companies in the infrastructure, telecommunications and financial services industries in the region, as well as with supply chains. She lives in Yangon.


Edith Ruan
Senior Legal Associate
Anna Markosa
Senior Legal Associate


March 9, 2019
8.30am - 12.00noon
Kloud (14th Floor), Junction City Office Tower, Yangon