VDB Loi is unquestionably the best telecommunications advisory firm in Cambodia. We have played a leading role in the biggest acquisitions in Cambodia and the market leaders regularly turn to us for advice.

The Cambodian telecommunications market is paradoxically oversaturated and poised for expansion. There is a rush on for companies to consolidate market share and position themselves to take advantage of the inevitable growth. Pending changes in the regulatory structure may create new opportunities in support services as well as substantial tax advantages.

Why are we the market leader? Our uniquely commercial approach and combined legal and tax services are quite simply the best choice for telecommunications firms in the market. Specific regulatory and tax requirements for the sector mean that telecom companies must always work to stay a step ahead. The challenges they face are not the same as other businesses in Cambodia.

That is why we provide innovative, groundbreaking solutions to your business challenges. Whether it means advocating for changes in the tax law or leading the charge with some of the first mergers ever to take place in Cambodia, we can find the strategy that is right for you.

VDB Loi will not just advise you, we will be your partner, working together to bring new value to your business. We understand the risks you face and we can help you to keep your company ahead of the curve.

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