2019 Myanmar Insurance Market Liberalization for Foreign Investments: First Preferred Applicants Announced
MoPF announcement The Ministry of Planning and Finance of Myanmar has just announced[1] the preferred applicants for the licenses of life insurance business in Myanmar to be operated by 100% wholly-owned subsidiaries of  foreign insurers.  The list of selected applicants included: AlA Company Limited Chubb Tempest Reinsurance Limited Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited Manufacturers Life […]
How to Best Split a Myanmar Insurance Company in a Life and a Non-Life Corporate Entity?
Most of the insurance companies which Myanmar has licensed since the liberalization of the sector to the local, private sector in 2013 are actually composite insurance companies. Highlights of this note Life and Non-Life entities may not hold shares in each other Form one, not two new entities How to transfer the Life business to […]
CBM allows foreign investments in Myanmar banks
Since the implementation of the new Myanmar Companies Law (“MCL”) in August, the so-called 35% rule has been subject to interpretation by each government Ministry. Slowly, we have been seeing updates from Ministries on whether they will allow 35% foreign shareholding in various sectors. On 29 January 2019, the Central Bank of Myanmar (“CBM”) issued […]
Bank Fees Now Included in Interest Cap (VDB Loi Insights)
Following the recent directive of the Central Bank of Myanmar (the “CBM”), , interest rate caps of 13% and 16% shall apply for secured loans and unsecured loans,. The Directive provides that “the maximum interest rate … includes all other fees collectible in lump sum or in partial payments such as guarantee fees, management fees…
Client Alert: Foreign Bank Branches Permitted to Extend Banking Services to Local Companies in Myanmar
In an exciting development, the Central Bank of Myanmar (the “CBM”) on 8 November 2018 issued Directive No. 6/2018 (the “Directive”) which grants permission to foreign bank branches to extend banking services to local companies wholly owned by Myanmar nationals. As the reader may already be aware, there are 13 foreign bank branches operating in […]
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