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VDB Loi’s CSR initiative: To help young Myanmar entrepreneurs with free and low cost services to get their business started. We aspire to help young Myanmar entrepreneurs build their ideas into real businesses.


Starting a business is easier said than done. We understand the challenges of starting up and growing a new business. A misguided effort to save on expenses may be a reason early-stage entrepreneurs do not get legal advice, when at this time specialist legal support is most urgently required. And sometimes entrepreneurs may be reluctant to approach contract, company formation and other legal issues that aren’t their forte. That’s where timely and practical legal support can help entrepreneurs to focus their creativity and energy on what they do best – growing a successful business.

VDB Loi is a leading law and advisory firm in Myanmar, and we want to contribute to the growth of the economy and society by encouraging young Myanmar entrepreneurs to start up their businesses.

Our “Start Me Up” team will assist you and point you in the right direction.

VDB Loi Start Me Up services are comprised of the following:

  • Start Me Up suite of documents – a set of legal documents specific to startups that you can access low cost or for free. These include Articles of Association, an office lease agreement etc.
  • Start Me Up suite of customized services – fixed fee legal services to help you adapt documents for the specific needs of your startup
  • Meet your lawyer – a fixed fee legal service to discuss all legal aspects of your business

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