ExpertiseStructuring, Restructuring and Corporate Strategy

Investments in Cambodia provide tremendous opportunities but there are risks as well. Evolving regulatory frameworks, confusing tax regimes and substantial gaps between law and practice can all undermine otherwise intelligent investments. All this uncertainty means that VDB Loi can add tangible value to your investment and place you ahead of the competition.

Holding companies, complex multiparty agreements, and other tax and legal structuring options can maximize return on investment while providing additional risk management. In Cambodia, we offer unparalleled experience in structuring complex investments, but we also advise smaller businesses on simple ways in which they can maximize their investment.

At VDB Loi we listen to you and we understand your goals. Together, we will develop a structure that meets your goals in both the short and long term.

Often, clients come to us for restructuring, after their initial structure resulted in surprise tax assessments and regulatory issues. We ensure that whatever your goals, we provide the best structure for today, tomorrow and the future.

Cambodia, has a number of advantages for investment, including investment incentives, no deemed interest and no tax on the drawdown of registered capital. More complex advantages are also available depending on your industry, capitalization and structure. With expertise in law and tax, our structuring services are comprehensive and provide a depth of innovative solutions.

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