ExpertiseRegulatory compliance

Our clients seek our guidance with respect to a wide range of regulatory and compliance issues in a variety of industries. Our team assists with detailed advice and information, and with liaising with regulators.

We have experience with

  • Product labeling
  • Environmental regulatory compliance
  • Food and drug administration procedures
  • Fertilizers
  • Industrial safety regulations
  • Foreign exchange
  • Banking regulations
  • Import and export regulations
  • Construction permits
  • Procedures for approval of oil and gas field services
  • Telecommunications

Of particular note is our competency with respect to telecommunications regulations. VDB Loi provided technical assistance to the Posts and Telecommunications Department with respect to the finalization of the 2014 Telecommunications Rules on licensing, interconnection and access, spectrum, competition, and numbering. Click here for an overview of our firm’s feedback to the regulator in the course of its public consultation process.

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