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In 2013, VDB Loi was named Cambodia’s leading real estate firm (Acquisition International), and for good reason. Cambodia’s landholding framework is extremely complex and requires deep local knowledge of both law and practice.

Even the biggest investments can be tripped up if a local expert has not completed on-the-ground due diligence. At VDB Loi, we go the extra mile, often quite literally. Our staff crisscrosses Cambodia, making sure that the land our clients are acquiring is exactly what they are paying for.

Our clients also choose our real estate experts because they know we understand their commercial goals and objectives. Although it is not possible for foreigners to own land in Cambodia directly, there are numerous options. However, not all landholding structures serve all landholding needs. We listen closely to our clients and assist them in finding a landholding strategy that works for them.

The second big challenge for investors in land is tax. Too often, legal firms advise landholding strategies that do not account for Cambodia’s complex property, registration and lease payment tax liabilities. Because our legal and tax teams work together, not only do our clients avoid surprise tax obligations, we build tax mitigation strategies into our real estate strategies.

Navigating the necessary permitting processes and managing the construction process also require local insight. We also have expertise with long-term and short-term leases, co-ownership nominee ownership and other jurisdiction-specific options. This allows us to provide a level of support that ensures that your goals are achieved.

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