ExpertiseLicensing and Government Relations

Licensing remains a challenge for investors in Cambodia, with complex requirements in practically every business sector. From tourism to pharmaceuticals to real estate to garments, VDB Loi has the knowledge and experience you need to make sure that licensing requirements do not restrict your business.

In Cambodia, solid relationships with government authorities can be the difference between a successful project and financial disaster. Our key partners have combined experience in the region of over 100 years and know what it takes to make a project work.

The Cambodian government regularly consults with our professionals on drafting, amending and updating legislative frameworks. We work closely with tax authorities regarding clarifications, and have contributed to the development of tax incentive frameworks for foreign investors.

If you have a licensing question, it is likely we can have the appropriate official on the phone that day with an answer. We also have a strong relationship with the General Department of Taxation and regularly liaise with them on challenging gray areas of the tax laws. In addition, our strong audit practice has an excellent reputation for working with the auditors to find constructive, enforceable solutions to past tax liabilities.

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