ExpertisePrivate Equity

Private equity in Cambodia remains underdeveloped and under-defined. This does not mean that private equity is not an important part of our practice however. With the high cost of local financing and the inherent risk of an emerging market, many projects rely on private equity funding to get off the ground.

The Cambodian private equity market does not look quite like it does in more developed jurisdictions. It is complicated, with unforeseen challenges and hidden risks. Investors need innovative solutions to complete transactions. Financial and political uncertainty, labor unrest and rapidly evolving regulations are all potential pitfalls for the private equity investor. But the rewards in Cambodia are worth it. With massive potential growth these sharply underserved markets are prime targets for the adventurous private equity investor.

Let VDB Loi be your partner and guide. Whether you are seeking a one-off investment in a single market, or a long-term investment in the region, VDB Loi can help you navigate the complexities of regulation, taxation and risk.

We have applied our expertise to everything from basic financings to structured acquisitions and some of the largest cross-border acquisitions seen in the region. We also support numerous start-ups, spin-offs and innovative joint ventures.

We are a commercially-oriented, entrepreneurial firm. We take risks for big rewards, but never enter a transaction unless we are confident that we understand all the complexities and challenges. If that sounds like your approach to equity investing, give us a call.

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