Like many industries in Myanmar, the manufacturing sector is just getting started. This means that investors face tremendous growth opportunities, but the challenges are real. Supply chain logistics, rapidly changing markets and regulatory restrictions can all undermine profitability.

At VDB Loi, we understand that success or failure in the manufacturing sector relies on the most limited of margins. We can provide you with regulatory advice, structuring, supply chain management and financing arrangements (including foreign exchange) that will ensure that you can maximize your investment returns.

With our strong regional presence, we frequently assist clients in establishing cross-border supply chains, taking advantage of disparities in labor, tax and productivity variations. In Myanmar, this is an excellent way to get a head start in the market. With our international experience, we can provide you with commercially viable, practical and integrated advice on entering the market in Myanmar.

A number of valuable incentives are available for investors in Myanmar. However, the investment incentives scheme is complicated and requires careful negotiation. We have a strong reputation for working closely with government authorities to ensure that our clients get the incentives that they deserve.

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