ExpertiseInvestment Incentives and Special Economic Zones

Cambodia has made a number of tax and customs incentives available for investors. The opportunity to register as a Qualified Investment Project provides investors in some sectors with attractive tax incentives, customs exemptions and an expedited one-stop-shop registration process. In addition the creation of Special Economic Zones offers additional tax and administrative benefits.

These incentives are often the difference between a marginally attractive investment and a highly successful venture.

VDB Loi has previously and continues to advise the Council for the Development of Cambodia on its investment incentive program. We advise the biggest special economic zones and can obtain the best possible incentives for our clients.

Investment incentives in Cambodia are more complex than they may seem, and we regularly work with clients who have been poorly advised about what incentives they are entitled to. We assist these clients in sorting out what went wrong, and where possible, reclaiming the incentives they have missed. Quite simply, when you work with VDB Loi, you get the best incentives available by law, full stop.

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