Corporate and tax structure

Licensing and regulatory compliance

Cambodia is vastly underserved with electricity, making for tremendous growth potential. Cambodia is currently dependent on expensive electricity imported from Vietnam and Thailand, as well as expensive, small-scale regional generators. While there is tremendous potential for energy production in Cambodia, it is being held back by challenging regulations, complex logistics, poor infrastructure and lack of financing.

VDB Loi has advised some very large hydropower projects in Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Hydropower projects require a level of governmental cooperation and infrastructure investment that distinguish them from other projects. Hydropower resources are quite literally in our backyard, so it is no surprise that VDB Loi knows this industry better than most.

Thermal power plants are another area of VDB Loi expertise. We have worked with coal powered, gas powered and alternative energy projects across the region. We understand the complex logistics of fuel supply and transmission that plague emerging market projects. We have advised clients on green field, brown field, acquisitions and privatizations in the energy sector. So whatever you project, our professionals have the experience you need.

VDB Loi knows the challenges, but we also understand the solutions. We developed innovative and exciting approaches to entering this high profit sector.

VDB Loi will not just advise you on your investment in hydropower, thermal or biofuel electricity production, we will partner with you. Whether drafting the joint venture agreement, securing a reliable fuel supply or negotiating the terms of your license, VDB Loi can add value to every step of the project. Our professionals are at the forefront of the dynamic legal and regulatory architecture of power generation throughout the region.

Corporate and tax structure

Power projects often require complex structuring and can be undermined by poorly managed tax liabilities. Because we have so much experience developing power projects, we are able to assist our clients in designing a corporate and tax structure that meets their needs. Our expertise in joint venture agreements, land concessions and landholding companies means that no matter your goals, VDB Loi is well positioned to help.

Our integrated legal and tax services provide our clients with unparalleled support. Not only can we structure your legal relationship, we can ensure that this structure minimizes your tax liability. We have worked with many aspects of large-scale power projects, and our services are always innovative, comprehensive and tailored to your needs.

Licensing and regulatory compliance

Licensing and regulatory compliance for power production is a specific challenge in Cambodia. Rapidly changing regulation and practical implementation can completely undermine otherwise successful projects, and often do. When you work with VDB Loi, you are always a step ahead of the competition. Our close relationships with regulatory authorities and our extensive practical experience mean no unpleasant surprises.

Your project is not made of disconnected entities, so our service is not either. Our teams work together to ensure a seamless service. Before the first shovelful of dirt is moved, VDB Loi can advise you on licensing, land rights and access, environmental regulations, and construction contracting. We can assist you with any required PPP arrangements, joint venture agreements and offshore structuring, as well as tax and accounting services.

As the project progresses we can manage complex offtake agreements that account for seasonal flow variation, ongoing regulatory compliance and structured financing. Whether you are supporting a project or leading the way, VDB Loi has the comprehensive services you require. And when it is time to exit the project, VDB Loi’s integrated legal and tax services can facilitate this process too.

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