Agriculture is the biggest industry Myanmar and employs a majority of the population, although mall scale and subsistence agriculture continue to dominate. However, this industry is being rapidly transformed and Myanmar could well emerge as an international agricultural production powerhouse.

At VDB Loi, we understand this nascent industry. We know that agricultural production is subject to price fluctuations, variable input costs and potential natural disasters. When a sector is still new as in Myanmar, these risks can be multiplied. So, you need an advisor that can offer full support across all aspects of your business.

We have already advised plantations, palm oil, sugar and rubber, investments. In addition, our advice has added value to agriculture processing and treatment projects. For example, we assisted a large state-owned Malaysian agriculture conglomerate with its investment in Myanmar, and the specialized crop investment by a multinational consortium.

The challenges in Myanmar include weak farm-to-market infrastructure and a lack of established supply chains.  Issues with land, regulatory compliance and foreign exchange also arise. We tailor our advice to the client’s needs, considering their short, medium and long-term goals.

VDB Loi has the experience and local knowledge to serve you. With expertise throughout the supply chain, VDB Loi provides value at all steps of the process. We have helped investors bring ground-breaking technology into markets for the very first time, but also assist well-established clients develop reliable supply infrastructure in a new market.

Agriculture is a long-term investment, and VDB Loi is here to stay. If you are looking to explore this exciting growth industry in Myanmar, we want to hear from you.

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