Tougher Rules and Sanctions on Using Farm Land for Non-farming Purposes


A draft amendment to the Farmland Law 2012 is currently pending approval by the Myanmar government. Amongst the amendments, the most significant changes pertain to the consequences of violating orders by the government authority responsible for approving changes to land use rights, namely the Central Farmland Management Body. According to the changes, if a project is not initiated as prescribed in the La Na document within the stipulated period or six months, the land is no longer subject to confiscation by the government, but instead the respective La Na will be revoked. This consequence effectively nullifies the right to use the land for purposes other than farming. Additionally, the term of imprisonment for not complying with Section 19 of the law has been increased to a minimum of one year and maximum of three years. While the minimum and maximum fines remain the same at 300,000MMK and 500,000MMK respectively, the fine may now be handed down in conjunction with a prison sentence. 

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