Post Tax Amnesty – Be Prepared!

March 15, 2017 - 08.30am-12.00pm
Location: Singapore
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Post Tax Amnesty – Be Prepared!
15 March 2017

Leading law firms VDB Loi and RHTLaw TaylorWessing invite you to an exclusive briefing on the Indonesian government’s tax amnesty and the implementation of the Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”). What do you need to know about post tax amnesty? What should you expect from tax reforms and how will it impact investors? What is the current status of CRS implementation? And, what impact is it likely to have on the industry?In this highly practical briefing, experts from VDB Loi and RHTLaw TaylorWessing will provide you exclusive insights on the following topics:

What you need to know Post Tax Amnesty & how investors in Indonesia should best prepare to face the new challenges”.

Speakers: Graham Garven, Partner, VDB Loi
Tommy Oetomo, Partner, VDB Loi
Olina Arizal, Partner, VDB Loi
It is critical to recognize that due to ITO strategy, those who did not follow the tax amnesty as well as those who followed the tax amnesty will potentially be impacted – subject to additional tax and sanctions as regulated in the Indonesian tax law. Sanctions include those in relation to undisclosed assets, those in relation to disclosed assets on which income streams are expected and those in relation to failure to repatriate offshore assets within the repatriation period.

This session will focus on the approach which will be taken by the ITO in utilizing the data obtained and the expanded tax base and how this will affect MNEs operating in the country. Whilst MNEs may have felt that they have borne an unfair tax burden for some time and that the expansion of the tax base may ease this somewhat, it is extremely important that all are familiar with the potential ways in which the ITO may seek to impose additional assessments. In addition, tax reform is coming and now is an opportune time for all MNEs to assess their position and their systems and be prepared to adapt to changes.

“Towards a tax transparent world” – the new global paradigm and the Common Reporting Standard

Speaker: Ow Kim Kit, Partner, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing

The recent commitment of many nations to the automatic exchange of financial and tax information (“AEOI”) has set a new global benchmark in tax transparency. The implementation of the Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) by the OECD from 2017 onwards will alter and reduce the availability of gaps that have been commonly exploited in the past. This session will sum up the current situation of CRS implementation in Singapore and its impact on the industry.

Overcoming Legal Challenges on Self-Reporting following compliance with Tax Amnesty Era

Speaker: Fabiola Hutagalung, Partner, Hanafiah Ponggawa & Partners (HPRP)
Participants of the Tax Amnesty Era often have to restructure their business in order to optimally make use of the tax amnesty. Such reorganization exercises are often cross-border in nature and can sometimes have a negative impact on foreign law and, more importantly, involve a certain level of measurement in valuation basis. Serious consideration should be given to determining the business structure with regard to the tax amnesty in order to comply with foreign and Indonesian law. This session will be discussing the legal aspects in the tax amnesty in relation to the indirect ownership of assets by an Indonesian company through a Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”) located outside the territory of Indonesia.

We are pleased to offer you a VIP invite free of charge. This event is by invitation only. To register your attendance, or to request additional invites, please contact Nidhi Shenoy ( Places are limited. Venue confirmations will be sent closer to date.

VDB Loi is widely recognized as a leading tax advisory firm. We offer a full range of professional tax services, from corporate tax structuring to due diligence. With tax advisors working in close conjunction with our transactional lawyers, VDB Loi is in a unique position to structure transactions in a tax efficient manner.

Hope to see you at our event!


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15 March 2017
08.30am to 12.00pm


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