Myanmar Energy, Infrastructure and Construction Update (Tokyo)

February 20, 2018 - 2.00pm - 4.00pm
Location: Tokyo, Japan
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VDB Loi, a leading legal and tax advisory firm with offices in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia, along with Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI) as co-sponsor and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) as supporter is hosting the Myanmar Energy, Infrastructure and Construction Update on February 20 2018 at the JBIC Office.

Pushed by pressing needs in energy, infrastructure and real estate and with some high profile projects highlighted in the news, Myanmar has become a strategic market for many sizable foreign developers, E&C companies and banks. With a new Union Minister taking charge of construction as well as electricity and energy, projects are moving forward. Some new projects that are being proposed have a scale we have not seen before in Myanmar, such as Total Siemens LNG to Power.

In this highly practical seminar, leading Myanmar law and advisory firm VDB Loi will share its unique experience and insights into the local energy and infrastructure market, and into the reality of EPC projects in Myanmar. Which opportunities are coming up in LNG, LPG, Hydro and Solar? Which deals are being made now on fuel terminals and marketing petroleum products? How to structure a construction project efficiently? And how does financing work on the ground?

14:00-16:00 ミャンマーのエネルギー、インフラ、建設事業の最新情報
Myanmar Energy, Infrastructure and Construction Update

  1. エネルギーおよびインフラプロジェクトの現況および見通し
    Deal Roundup: Deals and Projects, Present and Upcoming

    • LNG to Power: complex but promising! 
    • The Government’s priority infrastructure projects list  
    • Hydropower plants update: we are moving forward again
    • Solar: new projects in the pipeline   
    • Midstream and downstream oil and gas: now or never
    • And the next big thing is…   
  2. ガス火力、水力、太陽光発電事業に影響する新たな展開:比較表
    New Developments affecting Myanmar Gas, Hydro and Solar PPAs: Comparison Table

    • Will the Myanmar Government insist on MMK for PPAs?
    • Update on sovereign guarantees
    • Myanmar PPA Tariff structure update: less capacity more energy payments? 
    • Differences in PPAs in payment rights during force majeure period
    • Termination payments: are they bankable in Myanmar PPAs?
    • The new MOEE/IFC hydropower PPA template 
  3. 既設の発電および燃料事業へのブラウンフィールド投資の機会
    Brownfield Opportunities: Acquiring a Stake of an Existing Power or Fuel Project

    • Buying a stake of an existing solar project: what to look for in the due diligence
    • Fuel terminals on Myanmar Port Authority Land: how is the lease structured?
    • Onshore structure: how to convert a Myanmar company into joint ventures (without a new entity)?
    • Offshore structure: why you need two Singapore companies, not one
  4. 電線、パイプライン、FSRU
    Transmission lines, pipelines and FSRUs

    • Outlook for new TX and gas pipeline projects
    • Myanmar shipping and port regulations affecting FSU’s and FSRUs
    • What are the legal aspects of right of way in Myanmar?
    • Approval process for pipeline and storage construction
  5. 送不動産およびインフラ:建設事業の現状
    Real Estate and Infrastructure: Update on Construction Projects in Myanmar

    • Land transportation infrastructure: get ready for a big push
    • Residential: beyond Landmark and Yankin 
    • How to split the onshore and offshore portion of an EPC contract?
    • Approvals and registration of foreign engineers 

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We look forward to meeting you at our event!

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