Myanmar Connect 2018

September 18, 2018 - 04.55pm - 05.40pm
Location: Pan Pacific Yangon, Myanmar

Download: Event Brochure

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Power supply is a fundamental prerequisite for telecoms infrastructure development, above all for data centres and towercos, which are heavily dependent on reliable power supplies. They are currently using on-grid power supplies and diesel –powered generators. In an attempt to improve the environmental impact of infrastructure development, it is important to investigate alternative energy resources.

  • What are the current power demands of data centres and tower companies? Are these demands being met?
  • What are the impacts of the lack of power on the telecoms industry and local communities?
  • What innovative solutions are mobile towers and data centres testing in order to be more energy efficient?
  • How can companies be incentivised to use renewable energy sources?
  • How can telecoms operators form strategic partnerships with power companies?
  • What experience have power companies had in alternative energy sources and how could they be successfully implemented in Myanmar?
  • How are infrastructure-sharing initiatives affecting power demands?
  • Are there land acquisition possibilities and how will this impact infrastructure development and rural rollout for power and telecoms?

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