CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) Projects and Finance Update

June 25, 2019 - 2:30pm-5:00pm
Location: Japan Bank for International Cooperation, 9th floor auditorium, Japan
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CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) Projects and Finance Update
25 Jun 2019
Japan Bank for International Cooperation, 9th floor auditorium

Sponsored by: VDB Loi, Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOl)
Supported by: Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)

Southeast Asia’s so-called “CLMV” markets, comprising Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, offer more growth potential in a number of sectors than almost anywhere in Asia. In this highly practical seminar, local legal expert VDB Loi combines a detailed deal round-up with practical experience on getting financing deals through. Which energy or infrastructure projects are going ahead? Which sectors move the most? Which projects are the next to be seeking international lenders in Myanmar, but also Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam?

Through case studies and real life examples, VDB Loi explains how to best structure financing deals, what are common due diligence challenges, which projects actually receive sovereign guarantees, and how debt is enforced in default situations. 


(with English/Japanese Simultaneous Interpretation)

1 01:30pm-02:00pm Registration
2 02:00pm-04:10pm

CLMV Projects and Finance Update
(10 minutes coffee break included)

  1. Deal roundup
    • Cambodia
      • The Government’s new tender for a 100MW PV (solar) plant
      • Stake in an existing coal-fired plant for sale
      • Financing acquisition of microfinance institutions 
      • Financing of PV (solar) and other construction projects 
    • Laos
      • Transmission line financing update
      • Hydropower projects update 
      • What is the status of the Lao-China expressway? 
      • Financing agriculture projects 
    • Myanmar
      • LNG to Power and hydropower projects progress update
      • Now allowed: acquiring a 35% stake in Myanmar banks and insurance
      • Update on Yangon Elevated Ringroad project and other PPPs
      • Retail and wholesale liberalized
      • Port terminal M&A and financing opportunities 
    • Vietnam
      • The Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh City hi-speed railway project 
      • Cai Mep Terminal project and opportunities in the port sector 
      • Industrial infrastructures in Vietnam (steel and warehouses) 
      • Retail sector updates 
  2. Due diligence case studies
    • Acquiring a stake in a Myanmar bank: what to expect in the due diligence? 
    • Thilawa Special Economic Zone: advantages for investors and their lenders – model for the region 
    • Case study: Financing of a medical facility in Laos
    • Financing the acquisition of a stake in a producing power asset in Cambodia 
    • Lessons learned from the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy dam collapse in Laos
    • Case study: what went wrong with this (cancelled) expressway project in Vietnam? 
  3. Deal structuring
    • Financing the acquisition of a large MFI in Cambodia: case study in deal structure
    • How to best structure an LNG to power project in Myanmar? FSRU, LNG supply, surprising tax rules
    • Case study: Tax efficient structure for an infrastructure project financing in Vietnam 
    • How to structure a transmission line financing in Laos? 
  4. Local approvals and government guarantees
    • How is the new regulation on PPP and Government guarantees in Myanmar affecting current projects?
    • How workable are Vietnam’s new Government guarantee rules?
    • Case study: Approval package for financing an expressway in Laos
    • Cambodia’s tax rules on approving foreign loans 
  5. Security package and debt enforcement
    • Security package for a solar plant in Cambodia: registration and enforcement issues
    • Real lessons learned from the first High Court and Supreme Court cases in Myanmar on foreign arbitration 
    • Case study on enforcing security in Laos as a foreign lender
    • Litigation and debt enforcement experiences in Vietnam all foreign lenders should be aware of
3 04:10pm-04:30pm

Questions & Answers


Edwin Vanderbruggen, Senior Partner, VDB Loi
Edwin is the senior partner of VDB Loi and a leading foreign legal advisor living in Myanmar since 2012. A frequent advisor to the Government on transactions and privatizations in energy, transportation and telecom, he is widely recognized for his “vast knowledge” (Legal 500) and his ability “to get difficult things through the bureaucracy ” (Chambers, 2016). He advises international financial institutions on their largest Myanmar transactions, oil and gas supermajors, a greenfield multi- billion US$ telecom project and the Japanese Government on the Thilawa SEZ. He assisted two newly licensed foreign banks setup in Myanmar, acted for the sponsor of an 800MUS$ urban infrastructure PPP project and worked on 6 out of 7 power deals inked in 2016.
Maxim Kobzev, Counsel
Maxim is counsel with VDB Loi finance team. His practice focuses on cross-border and local project financings, corporate loans, pre-export facilities and restructurings. Maxim advises both borrowers and lenders, commercial banks, corporations and development institutions with particular focus on complex projects in the banking, infrastructure, oil & gas, mining and metals and manufacturing sectors and transactions in the emerging markets.

VDB Loi is a network of leading law and tax advisory firms with offices in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.
Our general areas of practice are corporate, finance, licensing and disputes. Our principal specialized areas of practice are energy, infrastructure, real estate and construction , telecom and taxation.


25 Jun 2019

02.00pm to 04.30pm

Japan Bank for International Cooperation,
9th floor auditorium,



Banking and Finance Myanmar Update 2018

Corporate M&A Myanmar Update 2017

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